Six Proven Website Marketing Strategies to Get More Customers

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The major benefit of the Internet is digital marketing. No business is thriving without using any kind of webpage, blog, or social media to promote its brand. Most advertising today is operating online, so it is considered an essential part of running a business.

Developing digital marketing skills will boost your exposure.

Web design and development company always focus on helping other companies create a prosperous business plan using tactics that have proven to work. If you are not sure where to start from, use these marketing strategies that we prepared for you.

1. Use Social Media to be present all the time

There are almost four billion people on social media, and most of them use more than one platform every day. It represents a vast market where you can attract customers.

The use of social media can vary from simple promotions through advertisements to engaging with your customers daily.

Being present on the many forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) will help you get more exposure to the public. This will also give you more variety in the content you post since these social media platforms have minor differences you can use to your advantage.

For example, on Twitter, you can post short, witty messages to your audience, while on Instagram you can focus more on the visuals, through photo posts with captions, Instagram stories feature that you can save in highlights, using swipe-up option on the stories and posting videos on IG TV and reels.

These forms of social media are amazing if you run a B2C business. If you are more focused on B2B you might want to consider using LinkedIn to connect with your customers and maybe even find business partners to expand your customer reach.

One major benefit of social media is the option to share the content you create, but your followers do the sharing instead of you. When they share your posts with other people across social media, you get more exposure and your social media profiles get more traffic.

Another advantage of using social media for your business is the opportunity to interact with your audience. It’s not only desirable but also an essential marketing strategy you want to implement. Talking to your customers will let them know you care about their opinion and experience.

2. Use link building to connect with your audience on different platforms

Your business must have links to other platforms on its official webpage and social media.

Link building will give you more prominence in cyberspace.

Make sure your links aren’t broken. For example, if you have links on your webpage that lead to some old content or something you had deleted.

There is also a great benefit of sponsored links that you pay for as a part of your advertising. They are like ads on other pages, so when people search for something relevant to your business, they will find you on social media, blogs on other web pages.

3. Create a referral program on your website

Using referral links is a great way to bring new customers to your business. They are a form of online word-of-mouth marketing strategy. You give your customers an option to invite other people through a referral link and you reward them for that. It’s a win-win situation.

Once your new customers make an account, they and the person that referred them to you will get benefits. Think about what your new customers might want to receive as a reward. It could be a discount for your products and services or giving them access to some exclusive features for a month.

4. Use blogs to post engaging, educational content

Blogs are one of the forms of media where you can engage with your customers but still keep it very professional. Most blog sites are free of charge, so you don’t have to worry about investing in it monetarily. You can create a WordPress blog with a few clicks and start writing.

Blogs help you increase your website traffic. Once you start blogging, other bloggers or businesses can refer to you in their blogs and make links to your website their audience can access, which will, as a result, give you more exposure.  It improves your SEO if you post regularly with important information.

The only thing you need to worry about when writing a blog post is the content itself. Be sure to use catchy headlines that go straight to the point. Blog posts are more readable if they have numbers in their titles to keep readers focused on the main points in the post.

Make sure you are not just promoting yourself in each post, because over time, your blogs will just become too dull to read. Instead, tell a story that will make your customers relate to you. Include some pictures to make your story more convincing and easier to read.

Bring in some guest writers to give more variety to your blog style. Having multiple writers on your blog will also make your business more credible. Updating your blogs will signal to Google that you have some new, relevant information on your page, and it boosts your algorithm.

5. Implement audio and visual material to your website

Videos are an amazing form of media since you can tell so much to your audience.  It can be much more appealing than reading a lot of text. Some people are more of a visual type of learners and feel better when they can see what your business is about.

What’s also amazing about videos is the variety of content you can post. Sometimes you might want to make an educational video. For example, if you sell something related to cooking, you can talk about some healthy, delicious recipes, or introduce some vegan recipes to be more inclusive.

Customer testimonials are a great marketing strategy because you don’t have to talk about yourself, but you let your customers talk for you.  Your regular customers giving insight from a customer’s point of view will be more convincing than just promoting your business without any recommendations.

Making podcasts is a great medium for educating your customers on different topics related to your brand. They are so popular today because you can do something else while listening to them, so it doesn’t require your full attention.

6. Focus on targeting long-tail keywords

Another good SEO strategy you should implement is using the most relevant keywords. The trick is to use longer and more specific words that will narrow the search and make your brand stand out. For example, think about a specific title for your blog.

You can use Google suggestions and see what results you get. It will give you an insight into what people search up the most. You can also look at the suggested related searches at the bottom of the page. They are usually longer and more detailed, so they could give you a better idea of the keywords you need.

Using Google Keyword Tool will give you more variety than just using Google search, especially for long-tail keywords. It is a great tool if you want to find some keywords in other languages, which is very useful when translating your webpage.  It displays keywords relevant to those languages.

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